About Us

All about Simulation City!

Simulation City is the brainchild of Futuresoft  Ltd, a Nigeria based tech company. The aim of this platform is to help students engage in STEM subjects through immersive, interactive inquiry methods, using inexpensive mobile devices.

What are the advantages to using simulations?

Simulations can help students translate among multiple representations.

Simulations contain physical systems represented in many different ways in two or three-dimensions: pictures, graphs, words, equations, diagrams, data tables, contour maps, etc. The students can make sense of the concepts by seeing the connection between the representations and how one variable affects another.

Simulations can help students build mental models of physical, chemical or biological systems

Simulations allow students to visualize concepts that appear on textbooks or hear from their teachers in lectures. By using the simulation they can see a concrete situation that helps them build a mental model.

Simulations can help students understand equations as physical relationships among measurements

Simulations are great tools to help students recognize how equations relate observations and measurements. Using a simulation where the students are able to vary parameters and see the effect of these variations, the  role of equations is powerfully enriched.

Simulations can allow students to investigate phenomena that would not be possible to experience in a classroom or laboratory

Students can have access to investigations and equipment not commonly available in the classroom like studying a nuclear reactor.

Nkemdilim Begho

Managing Director

Oyehmi Begho

Executive Director